Project Development Manager

Job ID:  809
Location:  Taguig
Company:  Manila-Oslo Renewable Enterprise, Inc.
Department:  -
Employment Type:  Probationary
Work Arrangement:  Hybrid
The responsibilities associated with this position include: ● Lead and guide the project team through integration of processes, knowledge and people to work together to focus on the essentials at the project level from screening phase to feasibility study through to pre-construction/ construction phase. ● Work with the project sponsors/shareholders to understand the strategic objectives and ensure alignment of the project objectives and results. ● Evaluate and analyze activities prior to project conceptualization and initiation, including consulting with management executives and business/functional unit leaders on ideas for advancing strategic objectives. ● Manage greenfield projects, from pre-development to development in accordance with industry standards. ● Manage project budget, schedules, milestones and deliverables of projects, including external consultants, vendors and contractors. ● Interface with business/functional groups involved in the project (e.g., Finance, Supply, Legal, Regulatory, etc.) and use soft skills (e.g., interpersonal skills and the ability to manage people) to balance the conflicting and competing goals of project stakeholders in order to achieve consensus in terms of relevant stakeholders supporting the project decisions and actions. ● Create, maintain and adhere to the project charter and communications plans and schedules with stakeholders, including the project team and sponsors. ● Proactively interact with the project team, stakeholders and other functional (enabling) groups that may impact and fulfill the various needs of the project; ● Regularly report project progress and milestones to management and shareholders, including stakeholders; ● Seek ways to develop relationships that assist the project team in achieving the goals and objectives. ● Maintain a strong advocacy role within the organization. ● Perform other duties as may be required by the Division Head and/or BDP Head.