Innovation and Change Management Lead

Job ID:  1459
Location:  Calauan
Company:  AP Renewables Inc.
Department:  Risk, Strategy and Business Process
Employment Type:  Probationary
Work Arrangement:  Hybrid

This position is responsible for championing Innovation through driving impactful initiatives - quality improvement projects, ditch-it, and quick wins, enabling team members to be adept in innovation/project management methodologies (Waterfall, Lean Six Sigma, Agile, Design Thinking, etc.) and facilitating process improvement activities.

The role is tasked to co-lead the organization's Change Management program by incorporating it into day-to-day business operations and in simple/complex projects.


Experience no. of years:

  • Professional:  At least 2 years of combined experience in business process management, project management innovation, and change management.
  • Project Experience: Has led/co-led  at least 2 critical improvement projects
  • Training Facilitation Experience: Has facilitated at least 2 training/workshop


  • Graduate of any engineering course preferably a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering Preferably completed any training/course from the following: Lean Six Sigma/Agile/Design Thinking/Project Management/Change Management